Peace Kingdom Center Rental Agreement

Welcome to the Peace Kingdom Center!  By renting this property, you agree to the following:

Check-In Time:  Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.

Number and Verification of Guests:  All guests must be listed on the reservation.  If requested by the host, all guests must verify their identity. 

Conference or Retreat set up:  The Peace Kingdom Center can be set up in a casual set up, or with folding chairs in a conference type set up.  You agree to let us know in advance which type of set up you want. 
Linens and towels are provided for up to eight guests.  Accommodation for more than eight guests is primarily intended for youth workshops.  It is understood that you will provide linens/sleeping bags and towels for any number of guests over eight.

Smoking Rules.  Smoking is not permitted.  If there is evidence of smoking, an additional $200 cleaning fee will be charged.

Damage to the Property.  The Peace Kingdom Center reserves the right and you specifically grant to the Peace Kingdom Center the right to hold and charge your credit card number as security against damage to the house or property, theft, late check out, and violation of any of the renter’s agreements contained in this Agreement. Final settlement of the security deposit will be made within 45 days after the departure date.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are monitored by a central monitoring service, and will cause a call by the monitoring service to the fire department, if triggered.
High moisture can cause false alarms.  When showering, please use the bathroom fan by turning on the light switch near the water heater, and close the bathroom door.
Smoke detectors are located in the master bedroom and also outside of the second bedroom.  A carbon monoxide detector is also located outside of the second bedroom.


Reach Richard and Stacey at the following numbers:

Home office (land line)  202-544-5081

Cell phone:  202-255-4567

Instructions for Appliances, Wood Stove and Furniture:

  1. Instructions for Patio Equipment
    1. · Do not leave the patio chairs or umbrella outside unattended.  They may fly away and break the glass door.
    1. · Keep the patio chairs and umbrella inside when not in use
    1. · Insert the umbrella bottom pole into the hole in the table and into the umbrella base that is under the table.  Insert the umbrella into the bottom pole, pushing the button to snap the two poles together.
    1. · Turn the crank clockwise to open the umbrella.  Continue turning clockwise to tilt the umbrella.
    1. · Do not use the umbrella when it is windy, as it may be damaged or may damage or break the table.

  2. Master Bedroom and Pink Bedroom Electric Heaters
    Please only use these heaters when you are present in the home.  Turn the heaters off and unplug it when not in use. 
    Only plug the heaters directly into the wall outlet.  There is a wall outlet near each heater.  The outlet for the pink bedroom is on the wall directly next to the heater, facing the window.  Do not plug either heater into any power strip or into a multi plug adapter.  Only plug the heaters directly into the wall outlet

  3. Wood stove

We have provided kindling and fire starters, plus a butane fire starter.

Turn on the circulating fans using the switch on the power strip.  This circulates the heated air from the wood stove.  Only hot air is circulated.  Fumes escape through the chimney.

Open the small round damper on the stove door by turning the right side knob on the door counter clockwise.  The left round damper knob on the stove door is fixed. 

Do not adjust the large damper on the right side of the fireplace.  Leave it in its preset open position.

Place a fire starter, (4 inch x 4 inch black flexible square found in the kindling container) some paper or cardboard from the box in the laundry room and a pyramid of kindling sticks in the center of the wood stove.  You can find kindling in the blue crate on the front porch.  Light the black fire starter with the butane starter.  Close the stove doors.  Close the left door first.  Then turn the large handle with the coiled handle to the right to secure the stove doors.
When the kindling has started, after several minutes, add smaller pieces of wood.  Then add larger wood pieces after these are burning. 
Use the stove mitten provided.  The stove will be hot once the wood is burning.  When the pieces are burning well, close the damper by turning the right side knob to the right.  Close it fully for the hottest fire, and when the wood is burning well.  This will produce hot burning coals, the hottest fire. 
Add wood as needed.  Opening the small round damper knob on the right stove door with the stove mitten will allow the added wood to begin burning faster, if needed.  Use caution, the stove will be hot.
Disposing of Ashes
If necessary, use the fireplace shovel to place ashes in the grey metal five gallon can, located near the porch outside.  Do not place ashes in the trash can, either inside or outside.  Do not discard ashes any other place on the property.  Hot ashes are a fire hazard. 

  • Television

Use the Roku remote to turn on the television and enjoy streaming television.  You can use the provided account, if desired.  It is ok to add channels, if desired.  You cannot make any purchases.
Use the NBC remote to turn on the television and enjoy live television and movies on the Peacock streaming service.

  • Water Filter
    Enjoy filtered water by turning on the cold water faucet at the kitchen sink and pulling the small knob in the faucet.  Use cold water only for filtered water.

  • Hot Water:  If you have a long shower or bath, it may take 30 minutes or more for the hot water to “recover”, or heat up again.  The dishwasher also uses hot water, so be aware that if you run the dishwasher, hot water is being used.

  • Bathtub Safety
    Use the bathmat and check to see that it is secure before entering the shower. 
    Bathtub Grab Bar:  There is a removable grab bar for the tub.  It is located on the shelf near the water heater.  To use it, flip the levers on the section cups out.  Place the section cubs on the tiles of the bathtub enclosure in the desired location.  Make sure that each suction cup is squarely within one tile, not across two tiles.  Flip each suction cup lever down.  Test to make sure that the grab bar is secure
  • Heating and Air Conditioning

Please keep the thermostat between 62 degrees and 72 degrees in the winter, or 74 degrees to 78 degrees in the summer.  You will find the thermostat on the wall near the kitchen.  Tap the screen to see the display.  Press the up or down arrows to adjust the temperature.

  • Washer
    A washing machine is available for your convenience. Make sure that the water valves are on (in line with the water pipes) before using the washing machine.  Use the power button on the left to turn the washer on.  Select your cycle by turning the right-hand dial.  Add powdered detergent from the shelf above the washer to the right side tray.  Push the start button.
    · If the washer pauses, or seems to get stuck for several minutes without any activity during the rinse cycle:
    Press the Start/Pause Button.  After a few seconds press the Start/Pause Button again.

· If the washer pauses during the spin cycle with an error code:
Press the Start/Pause Button.  Open the washer.
Redistribute the load so that it is balanced.  Press the Start/Pause Button again.

  1. Dryer
    · Please clean the lint filter before and after you use the dryer.
    It is located on top of the dryer, toward the back right side.

  2. Furniture
    a. The sofa in the living room has reclining seats on each end of the sofa.  Pull the control on the side of the sofa while sitting to extend the reclining seat.

b. There are extra folding chairs in the laundry room.  You can also take these outside on the porch.  If you do take them outside, please bring them back inside before you leave.

  1. Bedrooms

Please remove shoes before entering the bedrooms.

  1. Bugs
    As the cottage is located in a wooded area, you might see a bug or bugs inside the home.

“Stink bugs”, an invasive species from Asia, are found in the area.  They are greyish-brown in color and have six legs. Their body shape is a triangular shield and they are about ¾ of an inch long.  According to “a few stink bugs here and there are very common”. They are harmless and do not bite. You might also see ladybugs.

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires are not allowed.  Charcoal grills are not allowed.  The property is not set up for outdoor fires.  It is often windy, and the large amount of leaves and grass pose a fire hazard.

Barbecue Grill
   There is a propane barbecue grill underneath the rear deck.  You are welcome to use it, as long as you are willing to clean it afterward.  See the cleaning instructions below.
   Please move it out from under the deck and use it anywhere in the yard or on the concrete area leading up to the covered porch.  Please keep the grill three feet away from the house siding to prevent damage to the plastic siding.  Please do not use the grill on the wooden deck area.
To use, turn the knob on top of the propane cylinder counter-clockwise to turn it on.
The starter button does not work reliably.  Rather, turn one of the two burner knobs on the front of the grill to on and light the burner with the propane lighter that is in the white bucket near the wood stove, inside.  Then turn the other burner on.

When you are finished cooking, turn off the propane cylinder by turning the knob on top of the cylinder clockwise.

Grill Cleaning Instructions
    There are blue gloves that you can use while cleaning in the white container by the wood stove inside.
   Remove the grill and the burner cover.  Remove the two wingnuts holding the front aluminum drip plate.  Place the wingnuts in the dipped area on the plastic side grill table so you do not lose them. 
    Take the grill and other two parts to the front of the property, where there is a hose hanging.  Open the wooden cover to expose the faucet and turn the hose on.
    To the left, when looking toward the road, there are two trees with a flat rock that you can use to place the grill and parts on while cleaning.

   For the body of the grill, do not use the wire brush.  Rather, use the black handled scraper to remove grease and droppings.  Liquid grease can be pushed into the grease cup hanging under the grill.  Use paper towels to remove grease from the grill body.  Also wipe the grease out of the grease cup and return the grease cup to its place under the grill.
Screw the aluminum drip panel back on with the two wingnuts.  Replace the burner cover.  Finally replace the grill.
Thank you for thinking of the next guest!


SSID:  mountaintop

Password:  pkcenter


Please lock the door by using both the upper and lower locks (same key) when not at the cottage.

Extra Supplies

Find toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and trash bags on the shelf in the laundry room.

Where to leave soiled linens

Please leave the bedding on the beds.  Please leave towels and wash cloths on top of the washing machine.

Where to enjoy food

Please enjoy food in the dining/kitchen area or living room and study area.  Please don’t eat in the bedroom areas. 


There is a black recycling container in the laundry room.

· What to recycle:
Clean plastic bottles, with the caps screwed on. Cans, clean paper, and plastic bags.  Rinsed out milk or other paper cartons.

· Do not recycle Glass Bottles

If the recycling container is full, you can empty it into the wheeled recycling disposal bin outside with the flip up lid.

Trash Removal

Please remove the trash bag from the kitchen trash can in when you leave.
Place it in the round green garbage can in the parking area outside.
Please leave the bathroom trash can.  We will empty it.

Emptying the Refrigerator

Please remove any food that you have put in the refrigerator before you leave.  An exception is reusable condiments.

Loading the Dishwasher,

Please load the dishwasher before you leave.  We will run it after you leave.  If you are here on an extended stay, you can add dish powder found below the sink and run the dishwasher.

Checking to Make Sure Nothing is Left Behind

Please do a walk through to make sure that you have collected all of your belongings before leaving.

Checking Out-Locking up and returning the Key

Please leave the key on the small desk in the entry room.  Please turn the bottom lock and close the door when you leave.

Check-Out Time

Check-out time is 11 a.m.